New Year / New Gloves

New Year / New Gloves

Here it is..the eve of New Years Eve… In a few days it will be 2014, the beginning of another year and we will say goodbye to 2013. The gloves in this picture are the winter gloves I have been wearing for the last 40ish years. My kids bought me new warm gloves for Christmas this year to replace these well worn gloves that have seen so many years with me. As I put them on tonight to do chores, they reminded me of the New Years Celebrations…saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new… It also reminded me that the old isn’t always as good as it used to be….there is wear and tear….maybe it doesn’t work properly, or as fast as it used to when it was new. I began to see the similarities between me and the gloves…we have a lot in common. But, out with the old is a little harsh, isn’t it? The gloves will still keep my hands warm, just not in the dead of winter. Best to use the new gloves then. I think the same goes for me as well…..adapt and adjust and accept…..