For the last 30ish years, my daily ritual has been to walk every day…1to3 miles…depending on the day… and I have not deviated for any reason…except maybe illness. That all changed last April when we rescued our first dog, Deacon. He was found half dead amongst his deceased litter mates. He was in pretty tough shape when he was brought to the Vet. Through the Vets care he was saved and was sent to an animal shelter in MT. Our daughter in law used to teach in Montana and knew the women who had brought “Miracle Whip” into the Vet for treatment (and saved his life). Tara had posted many, many pictures of dogs that needed to be rescued and suggested that my husband and I adopt each one as she listed them on facebook. Every time we declined. No matter how many of them she posted, we declined. We had never had a dog, but we had always had cats. Our cat Veronica had recently passed away after being a member of our household for well over 20 years and we were not interested in being emotionally invested in any more animals! (At that time we were loving, feeding and caring for 5 horses and 3 to 4 feral cats.)

When she sent us a picture of “Miracle Whip”, both my husband and I thought he was so sweet…but “No, Thank You” we are not interested. We went about our business for several days when we both expressed that we couldn’t put that dog out of our minds. We decided to look into it and see if he was still available. Tara (our daughter-in-law) gave us the name of the shelter in MT and so we called to inquire about him. The woman that answered the phone was somewhat rude to us and wanted to know how we heard about him since he was not ready to be adopted yet. Of course I couldn’t remember the name of Tara’s friend who had rescued him, but told her about the picture of him that we had seen. By this time the woman was RUDE and we cut the conversation short. After calling Tara and getting the name of the rescuer, I called again and we got the pieces put together!! The woman at the shelter thought I was calling for the people who had been abusing and neglecting the dog…trying to get him back…and was acting out of concern for the dog. Bless her heart. It’s too late to make a long story short, but we were able to go and pickup up “Miracle Whip” and bring him home. He had suffered from dehydration, malnutrition, worms…of all kinds…and was so close to death. He was such a sweet animal, but fairly delicate throughout the summer. He didn’t have much energy, no muscle tone, and tender paws! He ate dirt, ants, sticks and poop…of any variety he could find…in addition to his dog food. He suffered with diarehra until December. When we took him in to get him neutered, we asked the Vet to check the lump on the top of his head. She removed it and sent it in for biopsy. We were so startled to find out that the “lump” she removed was an encapsulated BB!

Our “baby” is 11 months old now, and we can’t imagine life without him. He is such an intelligent, old soul! I so wish he could talk…because he notices and thinks about everything… from jets streaking across the sky, to ants marching across the ground. He seems so thoughtful and wise…he seems more human than animal. He loves to ride in our car or truck…he comes to the office with us everyday. He loves babies and other dogs and thinks that everyone wants to play with him. He loves snow (good thing) and grass and even showers!

And now, he likes to run with me. After a several month hiatus from my morning ritual of walking, Deacon can now run with me. I would have been happy to walk, but he prefers running, so we run. Every morning, through snow, wind, ice and more snow, we run a mile. I doubt I would be running if not for him. In fact I don’t think I could have, if not for him.

As I stated before, we were never interested in having a dog, but we were definitely interested in having HIM. Something in his face spoke to our hearts. We are blessed and thankful for our “Miracle Whip” aka Deacon.