Silver Back Grizzly Bear

I couldn’t believe our luck coming across this Silver Back Grizzly in the meadow in Yellowstone Park! Oh, how I was wishing I had a longer lens! It would have made for a better picture and I would have felt more comfortable since he was moving towards us. The last time I saw a bear in the park was so long ago it was before color! The only reason I know what my mom had told me about having been in Yellowstone Park before was true, is because we had a picture…black and white…1955… you know…back in the day… when you drove your 1950 something chevy through the park and the bears came up to your car.  I have no memory of it, even though my mom used to tell me “Yes, you have been to Yellowstone Park…you remember.”  What she did not say was that I was 2 years old and my older brother was 4 when we were there.    That was the last and only  time I was in the park…until last year.  We have been in the Jackson/Targhee area on many occasions over the years, but hadn’t been to the Park itself.  My husband and I made a long weekend trip through the park and were fortunate to get to see a lot of wildlife in addition to Old Faithful Geyser and the Lodge, as well as all the other seismic attractions.  Yellowstone is a treasure and breathtakingly  beautiful!  Any day you are in the mountains is a great day!  Can’t wait to go back!