Cabin Fever

It is February 25, 2014…and it is minus fifteen degrees with 6″ of fresh new snow! Aarrgggh! Will it never end? After 6 solid months of snow piled on the ground…ice…wind…and sub zero temperatures,  I am throwing up my hands in surrender! I thought winter would be easier if it just came and stayed until spring instead of warming up and then boom, snowing into the month of May or even June.  I was wrong…IT IS NO EASIER!  Yes, I know I am whining…but I can’t help it!

As kids growing up,  when my Dad was particularly frustrated with my brothers or me whining, he would tell us that “we would complain if they hung us with a new rope!”  Dad, you were right!  When it comes to our winter weather…I WILL complain, whine,  and possibly even throw a full fledged tantrum while I impatiently wait for my flowers to awake from their winter slumber.