Plum Blossoms

Plum Blossoms

Happy Mother’s Day!

On this Mother’s Day, my thoughts drift to my Mom and my Mother in Law, both of whom are deceased. My Mom, Florence, gave me a love of nature, cooking, flowers and quilting. I only wish I would have appreciated these gifts sooner than I did. Mom was a fabulous cook! She could make a wonderful dinner out of two or three ingredients. When my brothers and I were growing up, Mom made dinner every night which included an entree, vegetables, homemade bread (usually), assorted sides, and a homemade dessert. I, on the other hand, had no interest in cooking until now. When my kids were young I made dinner every night, but it was nothing like my Mothers. She CREATED dinner and I just muddled through preparing something. In my defense, my boys were kind of picky eaters, so creativity was not important.
My Mom was ahead of her time. She recycled, was a natural gardener, and did not have anything to do with fast food or junk food. All of our sweets were homemade not store bought. She canned pickles, fruits, and tomatoes. Her baking was to die for! I only wish I would have appreciated it sooner. More so, I wish I would have let her know how good it was….that her efforts were worth what she put into it. I’m sorry for that Mom. She was a beautiful woman and dressed to the nines! She had never colored her hair and it was beautiful, even as it greyed. She had style and she was happy! She had a spring to her step and enjoyed life. It didn’t take much to make her smile. She grew up on a farm with her 7 siblings. She tended to be cautious and a little fearful.  She was happiest when she was creating something.  Later in life she began quilting and made some beautiful pieces.  In quilting, she found her passion.  When Mom and Dad stayed with us during the summers, she would sit in front of the windows and quilt with a big smile on her face.  I think of you often and I miss you.

Helen was the best mother in law a person could ever hope for.  She was a partner is crime.  She was an adventurer.  When my husband and I lived in Spokane WA with our 4 year old and new baby, we made the decision to move  back to Casper, WY and go into business for ourselves.  Jim left to get started in Casper and I and the boys were packing and for the move.  My father in law  (Red) had come to Spokane with a load (he was a truck driver) so he and some of our friends loaded the semi truck and Red drove it back to Casper.  The boys and I were going to pack up the car and leave in the morning.  The kids and I were about a month or so into the process of moving and we were tired, frazzled and running on fumes.  The next morning there was a knock on the door and there stood Helen.  She had flown in, to my surprise, to drive back with me and the boys!  I was so ecstatic!! We loaded the car and the boys, and headed out.  The baby screamed and cried and crawled all over the car and could not be consoled.  We made it 32 miles that first day.  Helen was a wonderful friend and we shared a lot of adventures.

I miss these wonderful ladies and I pray that I can live up to their example.